Friday, March 22, 2013

Great conclusions after Expo ANTAD 2013 in Guadalajara, México

Official Expo ANTAD 2013 logo

From 13th to 15th March, Openbravo and some of our mexican partners participated as exhibitors in the Expo ANTAD 2013, in Guadalajara, México, one of the biggest and most important retail events in the country and America.

Our conclusions can't be more positive. During the 3 days, we have confirmed the tremendous opportunity that Retail represents for Openbravo in México, in a moment where México's economy is growing fast, and companies with a strong growth and more complex operations, require a modern and affordable solution that ensures they are ready for the current and future industry challenges. Something we have already identified in the past, but again confirmed with some of our visitors, is the clear interest of big brick-and-mortar retailers seeking for a full web and mobile ready store solution, that integrates seamless with their current Tier 1 headquarters system. Most of these cases are SAP customers.

My colleague Óscar González, LATAM Channel responsible

Mobile was one of the hottest topics (in fact we were there presenting our support to smartphones), with most of visitors impressed by our support to smartphones and tablets, together with its full web capabilities, usability and flexibility. OnDemand  is also seen as a very interesting option.

Smartphone support

We had the opportunity to talk with a number of retailers from different sub-sectors, sharing their requirements and confirming the value that Openbravo for Retail can bring to them. From small or medium retailers, up to big ones like a supermarket chain with more than 150 locations.

During the third day, I conducted a conference in the Retail Tech zone, called "Loyalty : challenges and trends in the multichannel retail", very well received and nowadays representing a hot topic in the industry. It was not an Openbravo for Retail presentation, but a business presentation,  which demonstrates our interest to appear not only as retail software experts, but as true retail industry experts, which is fundamental to advise and support our customers in a fast changing industry like Retail.  We will publish it during the next days.

Myself, during the conference

During the conference, I had the opportunity to present our colaboration with AppCard, a company providing a mobile loyalty solution that is changing the way brick-and-mortar stores acquire and retain customers. Merchants can easily create personalized offers and know their customers with more than 90 cloud-based analytics and business-intelligence reports, accessible anytime, anywhere. Customers can easily search for stores and promotions, and redeem their rewards to get discounts in their favourite stores. This collaboration will provide a stronger solution for our customers.

AppCard mobile application
The interest for Openbravo in México is also demonstrated by our frequent presence in media. This time and during the Expo, we were invited by ANTAD Radio and interviewed by some local newspapers.

Óscar González in ANTAD Radio
All these are very positive signs that confirm our 2012 official results in México. We have tripled our software revenue and average deal size, where Retail accounts for a relevant percentage,  and a 70% growth of our partner network. Our new office in México D.F will help for sure to consolidate our presence there.

And after the Expo, some time for visiting the city during the weekend.  Quesadillas and Mariachis in Tlaquepaque



Thanks Guadalajara : great business, food and fun ! 

See you soon!

Xavier Places
Openbravo's Reail Lead

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